My experience after setting up on 2 different networks in different locations, experiences differ but generally, it has been good. I would suggest that you understand a little bit about wireless networking before really embarking on setting this up. Just a bit will do.

My Review of Aztech WL556E Wireless Extender / Repeater

I selected the following points for review
– Design
– Size
– Ease of set up / Interface
– Technical Understanding before & during device usage
– Coverage
– After Usage review

– Square-ish design could be inherently due to the circuitry inside the device that causes its exterior design made in such a way
– White colour (But BLACK is available now)
– WPS button (not big enough to be noticed and didn’t realize that it is in fact able to be pressed). It’s a button, goodness sake.
– When you plug into a socket of two, common found in HDB flats, it could block the other socket’s usage, especially when it is a multi-socket plug with ON/OFF switches on the side.
– Slightly Whining sound. Not sure why but comes from the device.

– Bulky, would be good if its width is shorter and thickness is smaller.

Ease of set up / Interface
– Not much difficulty in setting up.
– BUT the issue comes when the non-techie will encounter the DHCP ip address issue. It seems like I am encountering this issue after setting up my Wireless Router and this device. My Wireless Router is DHCP enabled, same for the device, but my laptop, PC and iPhone are able to connect to the wireless yet unable to surf. Apparently, after doing my troubleshooting, seems like DHCP was not working as its supposed to, so I have to manually provide a static ip for all devices so that it can work.
– Good web interface w/o a lot of selections so it’s good for newbie as well.

Technical understanding before and during device set up
– Good network knowledge should be a given else a techie like me will need to go down onsite, to resolve issues encountered by others.

– No qualms about the wireless coverage. It’s very good. Its working as its supposed to be.

After Usage Review
– Only issue I encountered is DHCP IP address issuing to device issue. But generally, I am doing my 24×7 testing of this device. So how it goes, it’s been weeks and looking good.

Update 30/06/11 – Price for this device have dropped drastically. From the initial SGD$99, i saw that it is selling at $75-78 depending on which shop you go to in Singapore in SLS (Sim Lim Square). There’s Black and White versions. So get yours today if you are still deciding.

Regards, Ed